Angels and Demons Documovie - A Critique

The made for TV documovie entitled "Angels and Demons" does good to propose that there are, indeed, supernatural, spiritual beings that we call angels and demons that dwell in the unseen, spiritual realm.  But the documentary has little else of merit due to its speculative, ecletic and largely unbiblical approach to the topic.  The so-called experts - theologians, spiritists and others - consulted for this documovie demonstrate a lack of knowledge of all that the bible teaches about angels and demons. 

There is one man who I am aware of who has encountered angels and demons on a level that very few of us ever have or will.  He shares his riveting firsthand testimony and offers a biblically-grounded perspective on the phenomenon of good and evil spirits.  His name is Roger Morneau, and you can watch his video testimonial below.

You can also read the very excellent chapters in the book The Great Controversy entitled, "The Origin of Evil," "Enmity Between Man and Satan," and "Agency of Evil Spirits."  The truth is startling but enlightening.  God bless you in studying and applying His word to your heart. 

Your support is appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

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