Article Review: "Christian Values Cannot Save Anyone" by Dr. Albert Mohler

I came across this article posted on Dr, Albert Mohler's blog and resonate with his sentiment expressed therein that "Christian values are the problem. Hell will be filled with people who were avidly committed to Christian values. Christian values cannot save anyone and never will. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not a Christian value, and a comfortability with Christian values can blind sinners to their need for the gospel."  Mohler is not breaking any new ground here.  But it is worth noting that a major Christian leader is calling Christian America to a higher standard than the present "Honk if you love Jesus" culture.  We Christians tend to live in a veil of creeds and practices that are the showy 'dressing' of Christianity, but actually have very little to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  One recalls the conversion of Constantine and his vision of the cross, and how he marched his troops across a river and declared that they were now baptized Christians.  We know how to "do" the walk, talk, and look of Christian culture.  We hold dear Christian values.  But possessing Christian values and a Christian culture does not make us saved by the blood and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We must learn the difference, as Dr. Mohler points out, between nominal Christian culture and having Jesus in our hearts.      

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