Protestantism No Longer the Majority Religion in U. S. - Is Anybody Surprised?

The Associated Press reports today that a survey shows that Protestantism is no longer the majority religion in the United States.  While the news is sad news to us believers in salvation through Christ only through faith only, it is not really news.  Nor is it particularly devastating news. 

Let me explain.  When the faith of Jesus was in its infancy and its purest, unadulterated form, the church was far from the majority anything.  It was a small, persecuted, misunderstood and much-maligned sect that nobody liked.  It was a peculiar group, other-worldly, having everything in common with Christ, but little in common with the world that it was called to love, save and serve.  To be a true disciple of Jesus meant being ostracized, marginalized, persecuted and even martyred for his name's sake.  The last thing on the church's agenda was becoming mainstream or popular.  The church lived - and died - to fulfill Christ's commission to take the gospel to every creature. 

By contrast, Protestantism today resembles the world more than Christ. There is nothing "protesting" about neo-Protestantism.  As Protestantism abandoned its former protest, its bedrock principles of sola Scriptura, sola fidei and sola Christus, its popularity increased, but with a corresponding decrease in spirituality and purity of faith.  Instead of building on the Protestant fathers:  Luther, Melancthon, Zwingli, Calvin and others, they built memorials to them and became content to look backwards to them instead of advancing forward from where they left off.  So with each succeeding generation looking backward, the original Protest and its reforms have nearly died out.  Worldly compromise has crept in and filled the vacuum left by the departure from "thus saith the Lord," real faith, real love and real commitment to Jesus Christ and his teachings. 

So it is not really news that the church's numbers are now in the minority.  Nor is it particularly devasting news.  Not devastating, because the church is still the apple of God's eye.  And though it is feeble, defective and vulnerable as ever to the winds of doctrine fiercely blowing, God has in these last days preserved a remnant to himself that will "keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."  Revelation 14:12; 12:17.  When God's children in Babylon (the compromising, sickly, corrupt church) hear his call to "come out of her, my people" (Revelation 18:4), they will answer and break the bonds of complacency and spiritual navel-gazing that hinder the church now.  The wake-up is going forth to us sleeping virgins in the Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian and other denominations and faiths. It is high time to wake up out of the funk of denominationalism and nominal Christianity and arise to complete the arrested Reformation that God is calling his invisible church to.     

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