What A Man Does

What a Man Does
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© Photographer: Clarita | Agency: Dreamstime.com A man respects Himself, respects all women, and respects others.
A man loves God supremely and serves Him faithfully.
A man love his neighbors and serves them selflessly.
A man loves and takes care of his wife and child(ren).
A man teaches his family the love of God by his loving ways.
A man instructs his family in the ways of righteousness by his example first, then by precept.
A man submits to the authority of God in his life first, then to earthly authority in a godly way.
A man obeys all of God’s commandments and seeks God’s will.
A man lifts others as he rises to the top.
A man commands the respect of others.
A man walks in integrity and honor.
A man is not afraid to show kindness, mercy and compassion to others in their time of need.
A man lays his life down to save someone else’s life. 
A man studies to show himself approved unto God, rightly dividing the word of truth.
A man holds himself accountable to others.
A man seeks the glory of God in all things.
A man acts responsibly and does not abdicate his responsibilities when difficulties arise.
A man bows down low before God and looks other men in the eyes.
A man leads his family and his community into the will of God.
A man keeps confidences and trusts bequeathed to his care.
A man makes no excuses, but admits his mistakes and repents of them.
A man bares his soul and is not afraid to cry tears.
A man shows himself to be a true friend. 
A man seeks validation and affirmation from none but God.
A man seeks to be all that God made him to be, reflecting the image of his Creator.
That’s what a man does.

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