Archaeologists Find the Gate to Hell

Link to Referenced Article Discovery news reports that an archaelogist has discovered the famed Pluto's gate, a cave celebrated in Roman and Greek mythology as the portal to hell. The cave was a center of religious pilgrimages and rituals in the worship of Cybele, the ancient nature goddess who was worshipped with orgiastic rites and cuttings by her priests and followers. The cave earned its reputation as the portal to death because of the abnormally high concentration of deadly carbon dioxide gas present in it. Pilgrims to the cave would bring small animals with them to cast into the cave and test its deadly effects.

But mythology and legend aside, there is no actual hell burning now and no gate to hell. In fact, there is no hell burning now. The bible teaches that there is a lake of fire and brimstone which, according to Revelation 20:9, 10, 12-15 and Matthew 25:41, burns at the end of the world in the great day of the Lord. Also compare 2 Peter 3:7, 10-12.

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