The Voting Rights Act and the Supreme Court: Civil and Religious Liberty in Crisis

I am posting this link to a guest editorial blog I authored at the kind invitation of Alan Reinach of the Pacific Union Conference Office of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty.  I hope that you will follow the link to the article and visit the Church State blog.  It is an excellent resource for religious liberty issues.

The first paragraph of the article is posted below:

The Voting Rights Act and the Mythology of Racial Entitlement: 

Portents of the Unraveling of Liberty and Justice for All

Fred H. Moore, Jr.

            On February 27, 2013, a statue of Rosa Parks was dedicated at our nation’s capital in honor of her sheroic efforts in the struggle for voting rights and other rights for Black minorities.  Just minutes away, on the same day, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in the case of Shelby County, Alabama v. Eric H. Holder, Jr.  Shelby County – which has a long, checkered history of denying or interfering with racial minorities’ voting rights – brought suit against the United States Department of Justice seeking relief from the provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which requires states that have historically denied or abridged minority voting rights to apply to the Federal government before making any changes in their voting processes (Click here to read more).    

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