9 Troubling Articles of Slave Paraphernalia You May Not Know (repost from AtlantaBlackStar.com)

I found this article in the AtlantaBlackStar.com to be accurate in its concise but graphic descriptions of these relics of the slave trade. 

It is important to preserve for posterity and the historical record all the available proofs of slavery in all of its operations and effects in the old and new world.  Slavery revisionists/deniers have attempted to whitewash that history, making the ridiculously asinine and pretentious assertion that slavery was somehow humane and beneficial to the slave.  The abundance of extant, contemporaneous accounts from slaves, former slaves, eyewitnesses and even the slaveholders themselves irrefutably attest to the peculiarly sadistic, cruel and inhumane nature of chattel slavery in America.   

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