"This Stops Now!" (Trigger Warning: Graphic Video of Eric Garner's Death By Chokehold)

 There is a time to pray for justice, but their must also come a time to act to bring about the justice that we so earnestly pray for.

The video posted here is of the violent death of Eric Garner at the hands of NYPD officers.  Much attention has been called to the fact that Garner did not have to die.  The officers who intervened could have taken simple steps to de-escalate the situation, and certainly Ofc. Daniel Pantaleo could have refrained from using the lethal, banned chokehold to subdue Garner and take him into custody.  

Nothing will bring Eric Garner back.  But much can be done, must be done to ensure that not another person, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow or White, dies due to state-endorsed violence by law enforcement.  The Staten Island Grand Jury non-indictment of Daniel Pantaleo touched off a fresh wave of protests demanding "not one more," "this stops now!"  No longer can any decent citizen who has any regard for humanity stand silently and watch their fellow human being have their lives violently taken away by those who are sworn to protect and serve the public.  No longer can anyone with a heart sit silently and do nothing about the lack alarming lack of accountability of law enforcement.  Nor can a countryman comfort themselves with the glaringly deficient and even corrupt manner in which the judicial process gives police almost automatic immunity from the violent treatment and execution of unarmed, helpless citizens.  This stops now.  

So we must not merely ask for, we must demand, by voice, by vote, by every means of nonviolent yet disruptive means of communication, that radical changes be made in the policies and practices of our social institutions so that every citizen, particularly African Americans who have been systemically denied their rights as citizens and human beings, finally receives equal protection under the law.  focusing our nation's and world's attention upon America's latest wave of social injustice.  Whatever steps it takes to end the injustice, end the racism, end the police brutality and violence, we must be willing to work together to ensure the common welfare of us all.  May God help us so to do. 


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