Symbols of Hatred All Come Down Now!

Symbols are indelibly connected to the ideologies, individuals/institutions and intrinsic history that begat them. Nazi sympathizers and the KKK understand this. Hence they violently protest and even kill to defend the monuments of Confederate figures who rebelled against the Union to violently defend their right to kidnap, rape, abuse, murder and enslave their fellow human beings made in the image of God. Don't be deceived. That's the centuries-long legacy of genocide and hate that they mean by "heritage." Never forget that.

Never forget Heather Heyer, who was senselessly mirdered while trying to protect her country from White supremacist terrorism and neo-fascism.

Never forget that this POTUS, unlike other POTUS's before him, possesses neither the moral authority nor empathy to roundly condemn the despicable acts of domestic terrorism in #Charlottesville. Nor does he have the fortitude to totally disavow and divest his administration of pro-neo-Nazi sympathizers in his Cabinet: Bannon, Gorka and Miller.

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