Race is not a social construction; it is a theologi

Race is not a social construction; it is a theological construction. When European biblical fundamentalism needed to explain the rapid population growth that included people of so many different backgrounds from the common ancestry of Adam and Eve, it needed a racial taxonomy. So European biblical fundamentalism joined hands with an influential but bogus form of science to conclude that some of those included in the rapid population growth were not human. This is the birth of race in the modern West.

So it is that race and racism were born of an unholy alliance. This unholy alliance was between a corrupt biblical fundamentalism--this term is redundant, as biblical fundamentalism is inherently corrupt--and a pseudo-scientific concept of race.

Race performs in the theater of the social and the political. But it is theology that purchased the ticket to the show. #GodHaveMercy Repost from Prof. Tim Golden's Facebook feed, Walla Walla University

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The Sanctuary Of God

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The NCAA Should End the Infamous Amateurism Rule (Opinion)

This excellent article by Brandi Collins-Dexter raises some very solid arguments for ending the Amateurism rule which prevents student-athletes from receiving compensation for the use of their talents and images while they are making millions for their respective schools' athletic programs.

Collegiate sports, especially NCAA Division I mens' basketball and football programs, is huge business.  According to Investopedia, the basketball student-athletes earned the NCAA over $1 billion dollars just from March Madness 2016 alone (btw, March Madness accounts for  huge chunk, about 90%, of the NCAA total revenue for all sports).  That's $1 billion for a three-week period from TV/media rights, ticket sales, corporate sponsorships and ad revenue.  To be fair, the NCAA keeps only 4% of that revenue for its own operating expenses; the remaining 96% is passed on to the member conferences, which in turn pass on what's left after their expenses to the individual schools comprising…

The Radical Test - Howard Thurman

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Howard Thurman - "What Do You Want, Really"

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Pathologist of 'Concussion' fame accuses Calif. sheriff of mutilating corpses, meddling with investigations

Good Samaritan Christmas Blessings (Video)