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"I Can't Breathe" - A Collective Trauma is Made Audible

Sometimes the things that happen to your neighbor hit too close to home.  One witnesses from afar the trauma of the miscarriage of justice; of the inhumanity of one human being towards another; of the sadness of the loss of a life gone too fast, too soon.  All surge together in a perfect storm that floods generations of massed souls drowning in a collective bereavement that says "I can't breathe."  Like Jesus said, "What you've done to the least of these my brothers, you've done also to me."

Diasporic Discontent

That the daughters and sons of African descent have suffered more than their allotted share of serially-inflicted injury, abuse, trauma and hurt at the hand of the oppressor is a painful fact of existence for those who are even casually acquainted with the vicissitudes of BWB (breathing while Black).  The burden of race, which the Negro has carried for at least as long as Linnaeus' racist hierarchy placed Africanus dead last, is as palpabl…