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Martin Luther's Confession at Worms

"Since your most serene majesty and your high mightinesses require from me a clear, simple, and precise answer, I will give you one, and it is this: I cannot submit my faith either to the pope or to the councils, because it is clear as the day that they have frequently erred and contradicted each other. Unless therefore I am convinced by the testimony of Scripture or by the clearest reasoning, unless I am persuaded by means of the passages I have quoted, and unless they thus render my conscience bound by the word of God, I cannot and I will not retract, for it is unsafe for a Christian to speak against his conscience. Here I stand, I can do no other; may God help me. Amen." - Luther before the Diet of Worms.  In D'Aubigne's History of the Reformation, b. 7, ch. 8.  Quoted in Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy, 160.

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I read this quotation found in chapter 8 of The Great Controversy by E.…