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Colton Burpo Sat in Jesus' Lap in Heaven?

A Little Boy's Startling Testimony

Four-year old Colton Burpo spent 17 days in a hospital, fighting for his life from a burst appendix.  He emerged from that near-death experience a changed boy.  He told his parents that two angels had taken him to heaven and he was looking in Jesus' face.  He told them he met his great-grandfather Pop and his sister whom his mother miscarried 3 years earlier.  He went to share other information and experiences that he could not have had knowledge of because his parents had not told him.

A Real Heaven

This was enough to convince his father Todd, a Methodist pastor, and his mother Sonja to begin sharing his experiences with the world, leading to a book deal and a bestselling book on the New York Times bestseller list, Heaven is for Real. Which led to the video interview I watched on the NBC Today Show website. 

A Subtle Yet Dangerous Deception

There is no doubt in my mind that heaven is for real.  I also believe that the experiences that you…

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