92-Year Old Woman the Oldest Marathon Runner in the World

Gladys Burrill, 92, of Honolulu, HI is believed to be the oldest woman to complete an official 26.2 mile marathon.  She accomplished this amazing feat in 9 hours, 53 minutes and 16 seconds.  How did she do it?  Besides her faith in God, she says that you just persevere, just keep going.

The Mental Conditioning of Top Athletes

Glady’s gung-ho attitude toward the physical challenge of maintaining top conditioning at her age comes as no surprise to other top athletes.  They practice mental discipline that overcomes the real physical barriers of pain, weariness, sickness and fatigue.  Some athletes have been known to run or perform while in great pain.  They have learned to live by the maxim “mind over matter.”  Their perseverance under extreme conditions serves as an inspiration to us all, not just for athletic performance, but for the many challenges that life inevitably brings.

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