Colonial sins return to haunt former world powers: Commentary

Colonial sins return to haunt former world powers

I read this article with interest because I believe in social justice and in restoring those who have been wronged.  While there is literally no amount of money that can begin to compensate the victims of inhumane, cruel treatment, torture, rape, and brutality, the concept of restoration and reparation is a symbolic gesture in which the perpetrators freely acknowledge their wrongdoing and seek to make their victims and/or their survivors and descendants, whole. 

God has a controversy with the nations over their crimes against humanity.  It will be seen in the final day of reckoning that the Lord has not lightly passed over the injustices and abuse of power that those in power have committed.  He commands all men - and nations - everywhere to repent and restore the oppressed, the afflicted and downtrodden.  In his eyes, we are our brothers' keepers, and we must give a faithful account of all that we have done, or neglected to do, for our brother. 
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