The Last Trump

When the Last Trump sounds loud and long

And the dead saints rise from their slumber

As the planet quivers and convulses with

the mightiest of thunders

The heavens open wide their bowels

revealing a most awesome Wonder;

With every seeing eye transfixed

at the glorious sight

of angels descending

and saints taking flight

Mountains skipping like rocks skipped

across a frosty loch

The Atlantic boiling like a pot

Watched too long, a candle waxed too hot.

The islands lost like Gilligan

without compass or chart,

the nations in distress

at their eternal loss.

"Hide us from the face of Him Who sits upon his throne,

and from the face of His Lamb we did disown!"

They ran to the rocks in shame and disgrace

But the rocks cried out, "There's no hiding place!"

"The great day of His wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?"

Only those who trusted in the Lamb, and followed his very command.

Before time morphs into eternity,

and your fate eternal set,

the die forever cast and the final chapter writ,

use aright the gifts of time and choice

and love that's Heaven-sent.

Heaven sent the Son through time and space

to take your place upon that cross,

to reserve your place in timeless space

and redeem all that was lost.

Give your heart your soul your all to Him

Who gave his all for you,

All for you He gave in perfect love,

love unending and ever true.

The choice is yours to make, of course,

'tis the gift of freewill,

just consider carefully your course,

the forever fruit it will yield.

If you choose the cross in this world,

in this world a cross you'll bear it;

but in the end of this world that cross

becomes a crown; you'll surely wear it.

Deny the cross and choose this world

this world shall be your home,

'til God's chosen fly to Heaven,

and this your home becomes your tomb.

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