Peyton Siva Glorifies God

He's all of  5 feet 10 inches tall - short by NCAA Collegiate Basketball standards. But he's got mad hops, as this video will attest. He is the floor general, the starting point guard and co-captain of the University of Louisville Cardinals, a team that has exceeded the expectations of many this season by making to the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament (they will face their biggest challenge when they face the #1 ranked overwhelming favorite, the Kentucky Wildcats, tomorrow night). Few will disagree with the assertion that Peyton Siva has been a huge reason why Louisville is on the map as this year's Cinderella story. But what most impresses me about Siva is his real, sincere commitment to Jesus Christ.  Please do yourself the favor of reading this great article in the March 28, 2012 edition of the Courier-Journal.  He prays with as much heart as he plays on the basketball court.  And he's always got an assist for someone in need.  God bless Peyton for his on and off court valor.

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