Heaven's Laundromat

Have you used Heaven's Laundromat to clean up your life?

Bring your soiled laundry (aka your filthy rags) to Jesus, Who alone can save you and make you totally clean. He will wash away your sins by his blood and clothe you in his righteous white garments, garments that are white as Snow.  By depending on Him and trusting in his grace alone through faith, you will Gain strength of character to resist masterful temptations to roll with the Tide.  Keep the Purex-ample of Christ as your focus as you Surf through the stormy tests that will surely come to try you.  If you falter, don't fret.  Keep the faith, be of good Cheer; you will Bounce back from your Down-y season and emerge victorious over every evil snare.  Just stand still and watch the Lord go to work on your behalf.  Watch Him bare his right Arm and Hammer down every plot of the adversary against you.  He is your All in All!  His love for you is Xtra-ordinary!

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