God's Heart Google

"Search me, O El [God], and know my levav [heart]; test me, and know my thoughts; and see if there be any derech otzev [torturous crooked road] in me, and lead me in the Derech Olam [everlasting road]."  Psalm 139:23, 24, Orthodox Jewish Bible.

God has a search engine that does what Google, Bing, Dogpile, Yahoo or no other search engine can do.  God "Googles" our hearts.  He knows perfectly what is in our hearts.  He knows all of our secrets.  He even knows our thoughts long before we form them in our minds.  David's request in this song to El is that He search him, test him and know his thoughts.

Our actions and reactions in different situations reveal what is in our hearts, what our thinking is.  God already knows beforehand what is in our hearts.  So the point of God "googling" our hearts is to make plain to us what is in our hearts.  Our trials are His laboratory in which He allows crises and temptations to draw out of us what lies within our hearts.  He reveals to us what our weaknesses are; our defects of characters; our lapses in faith and judgment; and our morally fatal flaws.  He types our names into His search engine to reveal to us how much we need His grace and His power to save us from the sin that leads us down the torturous crooked road to everlasting destruction.  He does this because He loves us and wants to lead us in the Derech Olam, the road to life eternal. 

Left to our own finite understanding and self-guidance, we would never find the path to life eternal.  But praise be to God Who knows us intimately!  He will, with our consent of course, try us and prove our hearts, to show us how much we need Him.  If we are willing, He lead us in right paths.  Let us submit ourselves to the thorough scrutiny and examination of the God Who is infinite in wisdom, perfect in His justice and gracious in His tender mercies.  With joy let us trust in His guiding hand and His intimate knowledge of the hidden things of our hearts.  Let God google your heart always.


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